Respond If God Nudges You

When God is training us, He often will nudge us non-verbally, calling our attention to something He wants to lead us into.  It usually happens as a gut-level knowing what we need to do.  Here are a few I listed about two hours ago.  Then I set myself to respond to them as quickly as I could.  Here they are –

  • Write this blog.  It will be part of a letter I need to write.
  • Write a prophetic word I promised to relay to a cashier in a restaurant.  I need to respect God enough to take it seriously that He gave me a word to pass on to an employee at a restaurant.  As there was not a good time to give the word, I asked for her email address so I could send it.  I need to follow through.
  • Use Titus 3 as an outline for a few moments of prayer.  Pay attention to the interplay between faith and works, remembering that I (and everyone I shall meet in the next few weeks) have been saved not jut from sin and death, but also for kingdom purposes and eternal life, which is to know the Father and the Son. 
  • Answer a lengthy email from a waitress for whom God gave a word.  I’ll guard her privacy here, but clearly God is drawing her with cords of love.  If she has sent me her questions, I need to do my best to serve her with the best answers I can give.

What Does It Mean If God Nudges You?

Start with scripture.

The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.  And if children, then heirs, heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.”  (Romans 8:16-17)


Though some may be called to extraordinary suffering – maybe imprisonment or even martyrdom for their faith, the nudges I’m sensing call for very minor suffering:  I’m tired and I want to go to bed.  But if God is nudging, I want to finish these four items before I go to bed.  It’s a very small sacrifice, but as we respond even in  small things, God then releases more of His glory into our lives.

Many of us are entering a season of inheriting a new anointing.  Do we want more of Him?  Let’s tell Him so by giving more of us.

And one way to do so is to respond to His non-verbal nudges.  Often they are wake-up calls that warn us not to get side-tracked.  Sometimes they help us focus.  Out of a hundred or a thousand things that tug at us in a day, it’s very helpful when God nudges us and we see where to pour our attention and energy.

Remember this when God nudges you:  He isn’t a hard-taskmaster.  He’s a friend.  He’s gentle, looking to bring out the best in you.

So don’t despise the day of small things, when God calls you to make minor sacrifices to embrace His purposes for your life.  Look for new anointing, new glory, and more of His resurrection life as you embrace His cross in these small daily matters.

Over time, these small choices add up to Christlike character.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2012, GospelSmith  ::

2 responses to “Respond If God Nudges You

  1. When we love someone, it is our Joy to do even the smallest things for them.

    Matthew 25, verses 21 and 23 records this statement:
    `Well done, good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things. Enter thou into the joy of thy lord.’

    If we are faithful in what seems small to us, then He can trust us with what we see as the bigger things, especially as what seems “small” to us may in truth have been the “really big” thing and be extremely important to Him.
    It is far better to obey the nudge, even when we feel slightly foolish, or too tired, then to later grieve over the consequences to ourselves and others because we didn’t listen and obey.

    • I agree that we would be the last to know what’s big and what’s small. God often hides our biggest opportunities behind a door of humilty.

      But I do know this. The parable of the sheep and the goats makes it clear that we won’t feel like we’re doing much when we care for the least of God’s people. And yet, whatever we do for them, we’ve done for Jesus Himself. In that case, how can any such activity be big or small?

      My own actions usually feel small and insignificant as I do them. It’s only later that I learn God did more than I realized…

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