Faith That Creates

Faith is much more than believing in a God we can’t see, and whose existence we can’t prove.  Faith is getting to know this invisible God and sharing a history with Him that makes a Godly or heavenly impact on this visible world.

I gleaned this idea from one of Miguel de Unamuno’s essays on Faith.  He noted that the Bible often says a man and a woman married, then they knew each other, and soon they had offspring.


I was sharing this thought with Pastor Mike over lunch a few days ago and he said he wished he had a written version, so I’m writing it down now.

It’s been an obvious theme to think about today, on Christmas, 2011.  But now that the sun has set on Christmas and the day is over, our next holiday will be New Year’s Day, about a week from now.  I was sitting in the car and waiting for JoAnn while she shopped, and I wondered, “”Is is really a new year?  Or is it just a new date on the calendar?”

Suddenly I recalled a challenge God gave ma years ago.

You’re never going to do what you’ve never done before until you do what you’ve never done before.”


In the last year, I’ve been finding many new ways to get to know God by going out into daily life and looking for ways to make memories with God.  Sometimes I’ve prophesied over people in the marketplace, just as I’ve done in church for years.  Of course, I’ve adjusted my style to suit whatever environment I’m in, just as I’ve done in the variety of churches where I’ve ministered.


It’s gotten easier and easier, and I shouldn’t be astonished t God’s faithfulness, but again and again I am because it resurfaces in surprising ways.

As we step into 2012 next week, I’ll be looking for new ways to get to know God.  I look forward to giving myself to Him in new ways, and making adventurous memories with Him.

Who knows what tangible impact God can make through any of us as we know Him?


So faith is much more than just believing in a God we can’t see.  Faith gets to know this invisible Creator, and when we do, He creates or begets something that makes a tangible impact on this visible world.  Accept nothing less.



 Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::


3 responses to “Faith That Creates

  1. Irma VabderZwaag

    Thank you Stan…….I find it a miracle of God to sit here in Nova Scotia and read a mini sermon from you.It gives the challenage once again to believe God and watch his will be done on earth! Not easy but He continues to guide and then light on the other side. For me its often walking the walking that God has me do and all the evil that can appears against you……but ahhh then you know its His walk’
    Blessings and Good health for 2012.
    Irma VanderZwaag

  2. I think God intended us to be doing this in the marketplace all along, after all, fishing used to be a daily chore….smile.
    Glad to see you are posting again.

  3. —Ten lines to allow Jesus to place into your life—
    First line: Jesus knows you
    Second line: Jesus want you to know Him
    Third line: Jesus knows everything about you
    Forth line: Jesus is the answer to and for every need in your life
    Fifth line: Jesus would like to work things into your life
    Sixth line: Jesus would like to remove things out of your life
    Seventh Line: Jesus can work better in your life, if you allow Him to use you in helping someone elses life
    Eighth line: Jesus, through the Holy Spirit will direct you in the things you need to do
    Nineth line: Jesus will bring others into your life to help you and to be helped by you
    Tenth line: Jesus will bring to your mind, to your heart, and into you life everything you need to grow closer to Him and in Him

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