This week I begin the Thanksgiving-Christmas Healing Race.  It begins with thanksgiving.  Here is a list of healings that have happened lately in my own life, at The Gathering.  So I’m thanking God for His works among us.

  • Terry’s arm.  It was JoAnn who suggested prayer.  But she laughingly said, “It isn’t that I had any faith that anything would happen.  I just felt we should pray.  It’s a good example of what Jesus called a mustard seed of faith.  It looked small to JoAnn, but not too small to act upon.
  • My tendonitis.  Was this one a miracle?  Or did I just “  walk it out,” as one man interpreted the story.There’s no way to know.  But it was an answer to prayer, and nothing is left of the problem.  No pain, no swelling, no need to favor one foot over the other.
  • Digestive Problem HealedIt had begun with a bad taco, but God answered prayer.  Then, over lunch the next day in another Mexican restaurant, we celebrated healing.

If God has already done these three things in our little group, what more will He do if we keep reaching for His healing grace?  None of us can claim to have great healing gifts, but the greatest Healer in history has pledged to be with us if we gather in His name.  We are grateful that He keeps showing up.

I wouldn’t have had Randy’s testimony if I hadn’t asked him how he felt after prayer. Randy said his stomach was “better,” but how much better?  The zero-to-ten scale helped us find out.

Why am I collecting these testimonies?  And why am I thanking God for them?  Partly because they are evidence that Christ the Healer is with us.  And three of our regulars are facing major medical problems.   But as we rejoice in the healing grace God has given already, He will set us up to receive even more for the neediest people among us.

I won’t write them all here, but I was convicted to list healings that happened when JoAnn and I used to travel in ministry together.  It was God’s healing presence in the worship ministry of the church.  His healing presence made it easy.

In a family gathering tonight, we stuffed ourselves with turkey and all that goes with it and plopped down on sofas in front of the TV.  Soon we were playing with apps in an iPad.

When my sister-in-law mentioned a healing need, I couldn’t seem to access the healing presence of God.

But it looks easy to record a few minutes of worship on my iPad.  I could use songs that include healing scriptures – Psalm 103, or Isaiah 53.  Then I’d have the recordings available whenever I had my iPad – at Starbucks, at the beach, at the grocery store, etc.

And because I would be the singer, playing my guitar, it would be personal if I shared it with people.  And I could trust God for an anointing that would pave the way for ministry.  Just as I’ve often done in the church.

But I’ll keep this article short so I can get on with my homework;  another list of healings, the ones that happened when JoAnn and I used to travel.  Further, I need to clear unwanted files off my iPad so I’ll have lots of storage space for tomorrow’s recordings.

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One response to “oHealing TESTIMONIES SO FAR

  1. Dear Stan,

    We are told to “remember” and tell the things God has done for us. It cheers and encourages and uplifts and gives us hope when we hear of God moving among His children. (And personally it gives me another reason to praise and thank God when I hear what He has done, even more so when I am “down in the dumps” and need a lift. Hearing what He has been doing always brings me out of the “self pity” or worry because I get so excited and thankful for what He has done.)

    I am glad you are going to record the worship music so you have it when you need it and are blocked. (Somehow I assumed you had already done that. But, I now realize (as a singer whose throat no longer allows that instantaneous move into singing in the Spirit, or even sometimes praying in the Spirit, that used to be such a taken for granted blessing) we aren’t always prepared for NOT BEING ABLE TO DO ANYMORE what we gratefully took for granted for so long. I wish I had thought, or had had the equipment, to record some of my times with Him, but since they were at the time for the time, and because I never thought I’d lose the ability to sing out what I could hear in my head, I did not ever even think to record any of it. Which now makes me very dependent on the music of others and a device to listen to it on.)

    So please record, and keep it with you, along with backup copies in case He asks you to give up the one you are using at the time for someone. Those that are healed may need the music you used during intercession to keep them grounded for awhile, to bring them back into God’s Presence where they can experience what our Heart of God friend Daniel would call intermingling and interflowing with us.

    I am excited thinking about the possibilities all this will open for God to act as you are in obedience.

    Keep us posted as to the assignments/adventures…Shan

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