Healing Testimony

I didn’t get to hear how it happened, but a man at our church shared that he injured an arm as he tried to catch someone who was falling.  He couldn’t move the arm without pain, in spite of pain pills.  And he was planning to go to the emergency room after the meeting, to see what further treatment would be needed.

We always end our worship services with Communion and a meal.  At the meal, he told what had happened to his arm.  Soon, people gathered around him to pray.

As the prayer ended, someone said, “How’s your arm?”  He moved it this way and that and said, “It feels better.”  I could see in his face that it wasn’t perfect yet, but he kept moving the arm.  A few moments later, he picked up his pen, which he’d left on the table.  “I couldn’t do that earlier,” he said cheerfully.  “It really does feel better.”

That was what he told us a few minutes after prayer.  But then he shared again in church on Sunday when I asked for testimonies.  “As I was driving home, I decided to skip the visit to the emergency room.  Then when I went to bed, I wondered if I could sleep through the night without a pain pill.”  By morning, he realized that even without a pill, he felt no pain.  “I haven’t had any more problems with my arm all week,” he told us.  “I’ve lived a full week, and haven’t had to curtail anything I needed to do.  My arm is healed!”

This happened when three or four of us prayed at the dinner table.  But I’m sharing this story because God will do things like with any group that gathers in the name of Jesus and looks to Him for guidance.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::  http://www.GospelSmith.com

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