Full Circle

Months ago, I was led to post a 31-day devotional, “Learn To Hear From God.”

Tomorrow I have to have an MRI – part of the follow-up after surgery to remove a brain tumor.  But tonight, a comment was posted about the series:

I am so enjoying these teaching. Thank you Gospel Smith for being obedient to the will of the Father. I am cherishing my time with God and Hearing His voice even when I have to repent for not acting quickly!! God is truly faithful and I am falling in love with Him more and more each day!! You are in my prayers!

This comment seemed to be a direct fulfillment of what God spoke to me more than a year ago when I began producing the 31-day series.  I heard from God when I went in for another MRI, and posted what I heard at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_a3oU32BHU.  More about this on Day 1 of the 31-day series, at http://www.squidoo.com/learn-to-hear-from-god.

If you reread the comment and watch the video, you’ll see why the comment seemed to be a direct fulfillment of what God spoke to me when I had the MRI.

I, too, cherish my times of hearing from God.  But lately, He’s been telling me that He cherishes His times of communing with us.

And I, too, have to repent sometimes because I am too slow to respond when He speaks.  But it isn’t the fearful repentance of a slave.  It’s the attitude-correction of a friend who realizes I want to appreciate Him more, and who is embarrassed to realize that  haven’t treated Him with the affection He deserves.

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