Learning God’s Voice — By Mistake

God often uses small things to let us see if we’re really hearing from Him or not.  Often God speaks so subtly that it would be easy to mistake His voice for our own thoughts.  Many of us hear from Him but don’t realize it.  So here’s an example of the kind of object lesson God often uses to teach us to let Him lead us.

Recently, JoAnn woke up in the middle of the night and felt she should turn off her computer.  We often leave our computers turned on overnight, in sleep mode.

But JoAnn woke up, sensing she should turn off her computer, in case the power went off.  Within minutes, lightning and thunder started crashing.  This is unusual weather for California’s central coast, but by now, she had gotten up and turned off the computer.  A few minutes later, the power for our whole house went off.

Expect God to use these little matters to teach you to be sensitive to His voice, and to act on what He says.  You’ll often tell yourself, “I’m glad I responded.”

Often, many of us  hear from God about little things and pay no attention.  It wasn’t that we want to ignore the Lord; it’s that His voice sounds like our own thoughts.  Then, later, we end up saying, “I knew what I should have done.  I wish I’d responded.”

Have you had this kind of experience?  It’s a wake-up call.  God wants to wake you up to His voice.

God often uses little things to teach us.  If we make a mistake, it doesn’t cause devastating damage.

I love the story of Jeremiah, who heard something from God about a piece of property.  Was it really the voice of God, or was it just the prophet’s imagination?  The only way to find out was to see if god’s word started coming to pass.  More about this in the 31-day devotional, “Learn To Hear From God.   See  Jeremiah’s Test.

Did JoAnn really hear from God that she should turn off the computer?  Yes.  She acted on what she heard, and circumstances quickly confirmed that she had really heard from God and not just from her own imagination.

When these little events happen in your own life, recognize that you are in the school of the Spirit.  He’s teaching you to be sensitive to His voice.

Pay attention to these little things.  You never know when your being able to hear from God might be a matter of life and death — if not for you, then for someone else.  Let God prepare you, so you’ll be ready when it really matters.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::  www.GospelSmith.com


2 responses to “Learning God’s Voice — By Mistake

  1. Stan, I read this shortly after God had gotten me up at 2 am to see that the computer I had turned off before bed was now back on and active. I assumed He wanted me to check it out, feeling slightly foolish that I might be “making too much” of what might just be the computer having not shut off when I thought it had.
    But when I went into my email, I discovered that a dear sister in the Lord had just emailed me about some serious situations she was facing. So I thanked the Lord for waking me. I asked Him to guide what I replied to her, and mentioned in my email response to her that I knew God had everything under control because He had turned on my computer and woken me so that I could tell her He had it under control. Then I went back to bed. So when I found this on your website the next day, I said, “okay, Lord. Thank you for the confirmation.” And once more I asked Him for forgiveness for the little nudges I miss or ignore.
    Thanks, Stan, for continuing your ministry on line. I can’t come to your meetings, and I usually only hear about you from the others in my intercessors group who keep the rest of us updated. But what the enemy meant to knock you out, has actually spread your ministry even further. Praise Be to God in Heaven.
    God Bless and Heal you so you can both type and travel…
    Shan Knight

    • Thanks for the testimony. One of my four crazy friends, Margaret, often likens the guidance of God to the nudge of a butterfly’s wing. It’s very subtle, and very easy to overlook. It isn’t a strong command in a booming voice from heaven. I’m sure your testimony will help others take those subtle nudges seriously. Thanks again. Blessings, Stan

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