The Four Crazy FriendsVision

I was soaking in God’s presence and felt challenged to look for four crazy friends who would explore some new things in God with me.

Why four crazy friends?  It took four crazy friends to tear off the roof and lower their paralyzed friend into the presence of Jesus.  So we start with four.  I heard an unforgettable sermon in Peru about the four crazy friends.  And then, recently when I was soaking, God began to give me a vision to look for them

Why should my friends be crazy?  First, I’m not looking for certifiable lunatics.  Instead, we want to be lighthearted enough that we can laugh at ourselves as we learn.  Second, we want to do things we’ve never done before as we reach for more of God.  Third, we will probably feel a little bit crazy once in a while as we step out and take risks.

1.   As four crazy friends, we recognize that we’re all paralytics.  None of us is moving in God as much as we want to.  Our goal is to take up our beds and walk.  We can do what others have done before, or we can pioneer new methods.

2.  Apprenticeship, not discipleship.  Nobody taught the four crazy men to do what they did.  So I’ll teach what I can, but if you become Jesus’ apprentice, He will show you things nobody else can teach you.  As we share what He gives us, we’ll all learn.

3.  Folks say a student can go no higher than the teacher.  This is why we want to be apprentices of Jesus, not disciples of any man.  It will take more than information and notebooks to heal our paralysis.  Nothing less than face-to-face communion with Jesus can make us whole.

4.  Where the roof used to be, now the sky’s the limit.  We aren’t on the roof, tearing a hole to lower a paralytic into the presence of Jesus.  If anything, Jesus Himself has already torn a hole in the roof for us, so we can look up and ascend without limits.  Look at our Teacher!  “Come up,” He calls.

More about the vision God gave me.  When I find my four crazy friends, I want each to be free to invite two more.  We’ll meet once every week or two, choosing whatever time and place is most convenient.

We can share our triumphs and our struggles, praying for one another as we go.  Our testimonies will make the grace of God contagious to one another.

How our little group will grow.  If you’re one of my four crazy friends and you bring two more, after a while you will have a group of three who have a shared history as apprentices of Jesus.  When God tells you it’s time to break away from my group and develop your own, we’ll rejoice with you and bless you as you go.  Perhaps God will use you to raise up workers in another church.

I need your testimonies. 

  First, as you visit “The Gathering” on Sunday afternoons, your testimonies will animate the faith of others.

Further, whenever we post testimonies on our blogs, there is a potential for the grace of God to spread to others all over the world.  Who knows, maybe someone halfway around the world will read your testimony and find four crazy friends …

I need four groups, for four topics:  (1) the 31-day devotional, “Learn To Hear From God,” (2) Prophetic song, (3) prophetic art, and (4) prophetic/power evangelism.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::

7 responses to “The Four Crazy FriendsVision

  1. Hi Stan.. Just noticed your brain tumor 2010 and hope you’re healing OK. Hadn’t thought about the “4 friends” notion before.. Great idea!
    I’m Bob Smith with — Arkansas now, but originally from Long Beach CA. I was diagnosed with acoustic-neuroma in 2001 — had my 3rd operation in ’08.. still doing OK for an octogenarian. ha.

  2. Hey, count me in. I am as crazy as they get. If God says it, I believe it, and thats that. I am 59,lost 75 lbs in the last 4 months (on perpose) while organized and held a 10 man all day outreach here in very hot Jacksonville this month, and probably the only Presbyterian elder who graduated from Pinecrest BTC. Yep, cann’t get crazier that that. Now where did I put that crowbar?

  3. Is this Kingdom Crazy?: When God throws you out in the deep and tells you to swim, you rise up and rest your feet on the water and say, “Father, this is what Jesus did and I will do the same!” — I suppose that’s not really crazy at all, just loving our God and believing everything that comes forth from His mouth is the Truth! I’ll be with you soon on some increasingly incredible God adventures…Love, Randy

  4. Four crazy friends makes a perfect square. As long as Jesus is in the center and the building of the square, then that is what really makes it perfect. Some of us have been crazy, foolish, squares for Jesus for as long as it pleased Him. The crazy folks who know and love you in the Seattle area have been keeping you in their prayers and pray for you in their meetings. As long as the Lord is in it let the craziness roll on.

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