The Spirit Of Faith

Sometimes I soak with steno pad and pen in hand.  The following came to me so fast I could hardly scribble it down.  It stopped abruptly when I had to take a phone call.  But whether worshiping, praying, preaching, prophesying, or writing, the flow is the same.

I share this because I sense the words are not just for me, but they are an invitation to anyone who wants to go with God.


I am releasing the Spirit of faith in your life once again.  And in great liberty we shall soar together in the heavens.  For your faith will release Me to do whatever I will.

And I shall teach you the protocol of heaven.  For many, reasoning from the earth, have reasoned that I, the Creator,m have arbitrarily chosen to engineer the universe to honor faith.  And though the teachers have seen no real link of causality between faith and my interactions with humanity, they have imagined that I am reluctant to honor My word, and am careful to find loopholes by which I can escape having to bring My word to pass.

But no!  Things are not as men have imagined!  My word expresses My heart, the things I long to do.  Do you suppose I call you to believe the promises of a God who is reluctant to arise and show Myself strong for My people?  No, who could trust such a reluctant God?  You have thought I am like you, one who makes commitments and then changes His mind.

But I remind you:  I am the Lord, and I change not!


Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::


2 responses to “The Spirit Of Faith

  1. Souring in the heavens is a good thing! Going there is better. For the Kingdom’s culture is found in the glory realms! By design of the dynamics our New Creation in Christ and the eternal Spirit of God, we are made to inherit the riches found in the glory of God. Yes, these very riches are those spiritual realities that reveal the true nature of God, his heart and mind.

    Seeing wonders of God in the glory, allows us to bring the life of God in many dimensions and in a variety of ways, outside of the mind of man and his imagination. So I encourage you as you ‘soak’ in the glory to see and behold what lies in God’s glory, for our spirit man is equipped with spiritual eyes, ears and perceptive abilities spoken of in Hebrews 5:12-14.

    Make the shift from soaking to entering in….God’s living Word has wonders beyond our wildest dreams.

    Thanks for allowing me to share!

  2. Good stuff. For years, I’ve been assuming that I (like every other Christian) have been seated in heavenly places in Christ, by grace. I have expected heavenly experiences, and God has graciously given many. As you say, they are very beneficial on earth. Blessings — Stan

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