God’s Road Maps

I’ve devoted this blog to prophetic things – the prophetic movement, the prophetic life, and the most recent things God has been speaking to me about.

How do we hear from God?  One way is to pay attention when God speaks to us with the language of conviction.  I won’t write about it here; I’ve written more about the language of conviction in a 31-day devotional, Learn To Hear From God.”  But for now, I want to write about a recent conviction I’ve been paying attention to.

For years I’ve maintained a discipline of reading six chapters of the Bible every day.  Sometimes I get a lot of fresh revelation and sometimes the words seem to flow in one eye and out the other.  I’ve wondered if I need a different discipline.  But then, a few months ago, God convicted me to pay attention whenever I encounter a strong witness of the Holy Spirit on a chapter.

“Think of that chapter as a roadmap,” God seemed to tell me.  “Come back to that chapter and walk through it verse by verse, using it as an outline in a time of prayer.  And I’ll meet you – the scripture is a map that shows you where I’ll be.”


A few weeks later I preached in a church and took time to minister to people one by one after the preaching.  I was used to say something about God’s roadmaps – that the scripture would be to her like maps that would lead her into encounters with God and fresh revelation.  I have never heard anyone else call the Bible a heavenly roadmap, so I wondered if I would need to explain the words I had spoken over her.  Instead, a deligted smile broke across her face and suddenly I suspected that she understood these roadmaps even better than I did.  I never got a chance to ask her about it.


Since then, almost every new revelation I’ve received from God has come about that way.  I’ll share the latest in another article on this blog, as soon as I have a few testimonies that show how it works in real life.

But now it’s an adventure to read my six chapters every day.  I never know when God will catch my attention and let me know, “There’s more here…”

Then when I take time to walk through the chapter, verse by verse, a landslide of revelation starts to flow.  Then of course, I ask God for other passages that augment what He’s showing me.  Soon I’m in another avalanche…

It’s very humbling.  I’m not very spiritual.  By grace, I have received many experiences and insights that are far beyond my stature.

I’m sharing about it not to call attention to myself – I’m afraid to try such a thing because I suspect that if I did, I’d end up disappointing you.  You’d go away, shaking your head and grumbling, “There’s nothing new about that – I’ve known that for years.”

Instead, let me call your attention to the Father.  He wants to open His heart to you in the scripture.  He isn’t necessarily trying to make you or me into someone who will impress everyone around us and who will attract listeners from all over the world.  But the things He shows us will draw us close to Him, make us see His great love for us, and cause us to fall in love with Him all over again.

Use the Bible like a roadmap.  Let the Holy Spirit point out the chapters, one by one, where you’ll find more of God waiting for you.  It’s like planning a picnic with a lover in an out-of-the-way place…



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2 responses to “God’s Road Maps

  1. It seems God has many ways of getting his message into the minds of man. Most, if not all, eventually lead back to scripture. If for no other reason than to confirm it is He that is talking to us. A road map, a well worn path, a note scrawled on a wall, He knows where we will see His message. Keep up the great work….Dave http://dadtalk.wordpress.com

    • Yes, the voice of God almost always leads us back to scripture. God directed the wise men with a star, which got them within a few miles of their destination; then they had to consult the scribes and chief priests, whose knowledge of scripture pinpointed Bethlehem. Thanks for your insight and encouragement — Stan

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