Entering In

“Tell My people they can come here whenever they like.”  With these words, Jesus challenged a 19-year-old girl to let people know that they could enter into the throne room.

I wrote about her testimony a few weeks ago, following up with outlines of Acts, Romans, and Hebrews.  Each shows that God has in fact opened the heavens to His people.  That we have accumulated so little experience of these promises in two thousand years of church history does not diminish the greatness of what God has promised.  Instead, it underscores the urgency of our entering into His promise now, as we near the end of the age.

But I little imagined that God would nudge me to challenge a group of musicians to enter in.  Within the next few weeks, I’m meeting with a team to record a few hours of spontaneous singing in the Spirit.  Between now and then, we will meet at my home a few times for practice.

Naturally I sought God for what to do when we practice.  To my surprise, I sensed that He wanted me to challenge the team to look for open heaven experiences as we prepare and as we record.

Flesh and blood can’t open the heavens.  Either Jesus has done it for us, or we can never make it happen.  But a study of scripture shows that He has opened the heavens; our part is simply to appropriate what He has already done for us.

So as our team prepares, I’ll be jotting down a few notes with scripture references to encourage them to expect open heaven encounters as we go through the various steps of this project.  For those who are not involved in this recording project, the notes may serve as a roadmap as you seek to experience your heavenly inheritance in Christ.

See the first article, about spiritual hearing —  Planning To Record.

The second is about spiritual seeing —  Awaken Spiritual Sight.

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