Learn To Hear God’s Voice

The best way to prepare for disaster prophecies is to learn to hear God’s voice.

I heard the testimony of a missionary who was living in Haiti with his family when the Duvalier administration was being overthrown.  Riots were breaking out; violence could happen anywhere.  One night he woke up hearing God say, “Get on the floor!”  He did so, pulling his wife and children to the floor with him.  Moments later several bullets ripped through the house, leaving holes in the wall behind the beds.  If he had not obeyed God’s voice, he and his family would have been killed.

Then something happened to me.  I was living in Detroit and had conducted a meeting in Ann Arbor, MI.  As I drove home late at night, I was on I-94 in the left lane, closely following a truck – it was a tractor-trailer with no trailer – up a hill.  Suddenly God said, “Drop back.”  Immediately I took my foot off the gas and the truck pulled ahead of me.  Suddenly one of its two back axles flew off the truck and spun wildly in my lane, veering off into the median.  It would have hit me at 70 mph if I hadn’t dropped back.

I could give other testimonies from friends or from my own life, but the principle is very simple:  if we cultivate the art of responding quickly when God speaks, He will save us from danger – and He will save and care for us in many other ways.  But my testimonies come not from super-saints but from ordinary people – people who get impatient in traffic jams, who have to live on a budget, who hope the church service doesn’t run long because they want to eat lunch.

I’ve learned there are three main keys to hearing from God:  quiet your heart, focus on Jesus, and watch for a spontaneous flow of words – see more at You Can Hear From God.  If we start using some of our prayer time to listen to Him, God will speak to us.

But He doesn’t always speak to us in our prayer times.  Often He speaks to us in daily life.  A woman in my church wanted to buy a coat she couldn’t afford; one day as she passed the store God said, “Go in.”  She did, and found the coat she wanted marked down with multiple discounts.

God will use these little things in daily life to teach us.  Frankly, we all seem to get it wrong the first few times.  If we can make our mistakes in small things, we’ll learn to pay attention when God speaks.

By the voice of God I have missed traffic jams, steered around roadblocks, and avoided accidents.  But there have been other times when I’ve ignored His still small voice and had a delay on the highway of half an hour or more.  This is all small stuff, really; but God uses the small stuff to train us so we’ll be ready when we face matters of life and death.

Here’s another example.  I always try to be punctual, but sometimes in spite of myself I’m running late.  More than once I’ve been pushing myself to get to my appointment on time and God has said, “Relax; they’re running late too.” Sometimes I’ve obeyed and sometimes I haven’t; sometimes I’ve arrived frantic and sometimes cool, calm, and collected.  Either way, I’ve always had to wait because the other person was later than I was.

If we can learn to hear from God in the small stuff, we’ll be ready when the major disasters come our way.  Frankly, I’m not afraid of disasters.  It’s written that God will shake all things that can be shaken.  But God delights in speaking to His children and steering us safely through the disasters.

Learn God’s voice.  Get in the habit of listening and obeying.  You’ll be able to go through anything life throws at you — even if it’s a disaster prophecy coming to pass.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2009, GospelSmith  ::  http://www.GospelSmith.com

2 responses to “Learn To Hear God’s Voice

  1. Absolutely true. The majority of the words that I receive are to do with my business or home life.
    Sadly, church seems more concerned about following agendas than hearing the voice of God.

    I posted this on my blog about ten days ago!

    Cow Jumps On Car.
    A number of years ago, I was travelling home from a powerful Christian businessmen’s meeting. It was gone ten o’clock at night, pitch black and raining. I was on a country road which, although fairly straight, was a bit of a switchback making overtaking difficult as the road kept disappearing into the dips.

    I am sometimes a little impatient and was watching closely for an opportunity to pass the long line of cars. Looking back it now seems a bit crazy, but I knew the road well and knew each overtaking place. As I watched the long line of red lights in front, I suddenly heard an urgent voice in my spirit. “Pull back, pull back, pull back!”

    Instantly my foot came off the pedal, my speed rapidly fell from about 60 mph and the line of lights ahead started to disappear as I slowed down feeling a little perplexed.

    Suddenly a huge black shape lunged out of the night from the hedgerow and straight across my front. I skidded violently on the wet road and slammed into a large black cow which was then thrown over the top of the car.

    I jumped out and ran back to try and warn any other cars. To my amazement, the creature got up making an almighty indignant bellowing and ambled off in the direction of its milking shed, followed by the rest of the herd, which was by now milling around the road causing havoc with the traffic.

    As I gathered myself together and surveyed the damage, I realised how close to tragedy I had come. The cow, which was totally black, had leapt through the hedge and fence wire almost on top of me. Impact with an animal of that size at the 60 mph I had originally been travelling could easily have destroyed the car and all within.

    My car had escaped lightly. The evidence of impact on the front of the car extended well beyond the centreline. My Renault Espace has a fairly wedge shaped front so the streaks of mud showed it being swept upwards and around the side. It took the side mirror off and broke the passenger window leaving my passenger a little shocked and covered with glass. There was a little fracturing to various trims, but that was all!

    The following day I traced the farmer regarding the insurance. He was amazed at what had happened, and confirmed that he had only one all black cow in the herd, the rest being multicoloured.

    As I contempleted what had happened, I realised how much I had been protected by the Holy Spirit. His clear word to pull back on my speed undoubtedly saved mine and my passenger’s lives. I also realised how easy it was for Satan or his angels to goad the one and only black cow to leap the fence when my car was at the right place. Satan comes only to kill steal and destroy, and only God’s mercy had thwarted Satan’s plan.

    For me this again confirms that “Salvation” is not merely going to heaven when we die, but rather God’s power to deliver us from evil in this life!

    It also shows the importance of being always vigilant to the whisper of God’s voice in our spirit.

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